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Full Version: Brake conversion to SA brakes
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What do I need to convert? A friend of mine told me nearly all the parts are available regularly in car part shops, except for the brake caliper bracket, part number 996615125. Is that true? My brakes need an upgrade, we've got to many steep mountains here :shock: Wink
I've got lots of brake calipers, if you can organise postage I can send you a kit including discs
Prices kit/caliper bracket only? The calipers aren't the problem, but the brackets... Since they are original VW parts, it would be easier to get the approval from our vehicle department(s) Wink
Dean, where are thou? Wink
He is on some travels at the moment till end of the week.
Ah ok, no problem, I'm off to Italy and France for ca. 2 weeks, starting now 8-)
Bumping this one up again, since I'm back Wink
Just a Q to the guys, is the 2wd 5-cylinder busses fitted with bigger discs/ calipers upfront than the Syncro? If so, can it be fitted to the Syncro or not?
yes they have ventilated front discs and bigger calipers, I can supply you with a kit to do the upgrade
Thanks Dean, can you PM me more detail and price.
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