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hi guys! Im new to the forum and love every bit of it. As a busfan i'm interested in all the engine conversions possible! Have anyone came across a conversion of a 2.0 alfa motor out of a alfetta in a bus? Seen one once and it ran like hell and the sound was great too! Eish,would love one!
welcome to the forum, glad you are enjoying it Smile
never seen one of those ...
thanx Dean! Ja,think it's a rare thing. Unfortunetly i lost contact wit the guy. It was a 84 2wd 1.9 that he played with. Did the transplant himself. He told me he got around 9 to 11 km/l and cruised at 140 easily! Love the old alfa's,thats why the conversion is stuck in the brain! Have pics of it,just waiting for dad to bring them and i will try to upload them.
I saw one once in a white 2wd T3 in Port Alfred. Great engines and definitely one of the best sounding 4 cylinder production motors ever. I believe the 140km/h cruizing. Those motors put out 112kw in the early 70's already. But 9 to 11km/l; no way. That would be good consumption for those engines in a car, nevermind a bus. Love to see the pics when you get them.

Wouldn't mind seeing an Alfa V6 in a T3 either!
a Friend fitted an Alfa V6 to a syncro and to his 2wd doka, went really well, the doka broke 4th gear going ton the cape one, he said he drove there and back in 3rd at 120 all the way,
Hi guys!
Received the pics,wil try to add them today. Thought the consumption wa to good to be true. My guilietta did that at a steady 120.
Ja those V6's can rev! Do you have any pics Stuart? They are great motors and if I was building a mid engined kit car it would be my first choice but a bit wasted in a Syncro. And parts are expensive.

But back to the old Alfetta motor. If you were looking at doing a conversion in the 80's then it was maybe a worthwhile consideration. More powerful than a Ford 3litre V6 and plenty of torque too. But like the Ford they are old and there are more suitable motors now available. You will battle to find a better all round value for money choice than the Golf 2.0 8V. But I also love to see conversions and it would be very cool if a couple of people tried out some more interesting alternatives.

will try and get some
My pics are not good quality,but one gets the idea.
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