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Production figures
(source: Steyr-Daimler-Puch GmbH -press-office- Graz, Austria)
T3 syncro total: 43,468
including LHD 41,360
RHD 2,108
Pritschenwagen / Pick-Up Single Cab (245) 1,787
Doppelkabine / Pick-Up Double Cab (247) 6,849
Kastenwagen / Van, panels (251) 5,848
Kombi / Bus (253) 14,650

CaravelleBus (255) 14,334
16" package 2,138
Engines 2.1l fuel injection, Cat. (95 HP) 14,233
2.1l fuel injection (112 HP) 6,259
1.9l (78 HP) 6,641
1.6l turbo-diesel(70 HP) 16,335
Hi Dean

These are only the buses produced at Graz, does not include the SA, Aus and Japan built RHD buses. Aus and Japan had CKD kits, Sa actually buit there own syncro's with the bodies built in SA,

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