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Full Version: Crankshaft..Seals..
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Hi guys does anyone knows if the European T3 used similar seals on the crankshaft as the South African models 2.5l
Or 2.6l 2wd not syncro..
I suspect they are the same , the 4 cyl 8v vw motors use the same size seal as 2.5/6 on the cranc ,cam and intermediate shafts.
Cheers splitfan ma pal sent me numbers from EKTA ..I have a trip to UK n will try n find few bits that I can...
Cheers mate.
If you give me the O.E number from Etka I can confirm if they are the same as 4cyl 8v and those should be available everywhere .
@splitfire..back seal..028103171B
Front seal 068103085
The problem was fearing this South African made buses might be using different parts than other parts like Europe or USA .
I actually need a copy of EKTA n will try n compile a list of compatible parts with the rest of t3 world..
I have checked those numbers and it is indeed as we thought, same seal as cam,cranc front and intermediate shaft on 1.6/8/2.0 4cyl 8v , the other number is for the rear main cranc seal and this is also the same as for the vehicles above . These should be easy to find I always have them is stock .
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