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Full Version: Syncro Parts in Cape Town
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Hi to all the Syncro SA members!!! I would just like to introduce myself to those who don't know me yet. I'm Derek, ( surname withheld in case the local sheriff is a member here ). I'm the salesman at Ace Auto Scrapyard in Stikland, Cape Town. If any parts are needed by yourselves or anybody you know, please feel free to contact me on (021) 917 - 1968. I am in daily contact with Dean in JHB too, so anything we might not have here in Cape Town, i'll chat to Dean and we will do our best to help out where we can. I will make a point of joining Dean for the next Syncro meet in Cape Town , so that I can meet as many of you face to face . Look forward to meeting everyone and keep two wheels in the air Smile
Good to see, read you here Derek. Welcome
Welcome Derek, glad got youre number now, what 'bout cell or email ?
Hi Derek
Good to know do you have an email address that we can contact you on ?
Trevor 4x4
Derek's email is
ever ship to the usa?
Sure, no problem. Just let me know what it is that you require.
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