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Full Version: 16" upgrade
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Has anyone upgraded their 16" syncro front brakes to 2.6 vented disks and calipers as I find the 16" brakes not that good
Is it a easy mod ?
Any advice would be appreciated
Most syncro`s here are 14" not 16"
not sure weather anybody but Stuart
could help you with that one
its an improvement on the 14" to 2.6 big brake setup
Already upgraded all my 14" syncro's
It makes a hudge difference
Now difficult to ride the 16"
To use the 2.6 vented discs and callipers you will need to use 14 uprights { bearing carriers}
The 2.6 brakes are definetly better than the stock 16 setup.
Thanks russel
Also looking for 1 or 2 things u may have for me or know where to get
Will ask you about them shortly
Hi Dean

Iagree with Russel, we tried to fit the 2.6 brakes to the Red 2.5i with 16" suspension, The calipers do not fit, as Russel said remove and keep the 16" front uprights replace them with 14" units and fit the 2.6 Brakes than better brakes are there.


You might have better luck with this on the Syncro16 List on Yahoogroups. Yurik in Australia has upgraded as I have to ever larger brakes. The quick answer is you can probably use the 2.6 calipers paired with Mercedes ML320 discs. Because the 16" suspension upright (steering knuckles) pushes the normal T3 calipers outward to accommodate the 276mm solid disc, the discs from the 2.6 is too small when used with the 2.6 caliper. As I understand it, the 2.6 caliper carrier also places the caliper further outward to accommodate the 2.6 disc of some 276mm-280mm. Syncro 16" upright plus 2.6 caliper carrier and you end up more than 25mm of your brake pads not making contact with your disc.

The solution is simply to move up to the even larger 303mm ML320 or VAG 312mm disc rotors.

You can step it up a notch by upgrading to dual piston 'G60' calipers from an Audi 5000/200 series as popularized in Europe and North America some years ago. The downside is you need to do some eccentric machinework on your caliper carriers.

Hope that all made sense.

I am two bearings, two cone washers and two brake hoses away from my 2.6i vented disc upgrade. In fact I must go and order the bearings today. Barons want about R430 each for the inner bearings alone while SKF or Timken are about half that price for both inner and outer, which they sell as a kit only. Unfortunately I already bought outers. VW no longer stock the cone washers that go behind the hub nuts. Anybody know where to get the correct thing?
Hi Dean,

If you are in the Syncro16 group on Yahoogroups, you can see the 16" brake upgrade files by Yurik from Australia which I mentioned in my earlier posting.

File is here:

We have a Dean in that group. I wasn't sure if that was you. If it is not, you will have to join the group to view the files and photos.


BenT please post a link on that group of our new site
then we can get feedback and advice from more people all over the world all in one place
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