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Full Version: Syncro fuel tank capacity
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Hi All

I just purchased a stock standard 1989 Caravelle Syncro.

Filled up with fuel today,supposed to have a 70 liter tank,but:

1Was only at beginning of red on guage and put in 69 liters.I am sure capacity is closer to 80 than 70 litres as specced?

2.Petrol assistant mentioned that it was a long slow pocess to fill tank to brim.Is this a standard problem or could breather? pipes of tank be blocked/dirty,if it has any?

Kind regards

Hi Hans,

they were always said to be 70 litre but i have got 74 into mine before, also remember a lot of garages have incorrect readings on the fuel fillers, fill a jerry can to take with you and drive until you run out, see where it runs out on the gauge, some gauges are also not accurate.

all syncro's have a problem with airlocks as the filler fills the tank from the bottom unlike conventional filling set ups

there's nothing you can really do to fix the slow filling that I know of but maybe someone else here knows a trick for us ?

I've never put more than 70 into a standard Syncro tank but not too sure how much they can take

congrats on the new Syncro, hope you enjoy it
I filled with 86l today, was in the red right in the middle of the 2 white lines.
Hi Benniebez

Yours must have the 85l tank of the 2.6 series.I know my 2.3 also had a 85l tank.

may have a long range tank that fill from the standard filler, cannot fit the 85 l tank to a it sits where the prop runs, 70-74 is a standard syncro tank, or the pump you used is un accurate, some are really bad, but the garage score as you pay for more fuel than they pump
READ ON THE WEB, THE syncro with plastic fuel tank is 70l and the Syncro with steel tank is 85l.
Hi bennie,

all syncro's had plastic tanks, none with steel, steel was only on the 2wd buses

Most I had was 73l on mine....

Maybe you can fill to 85l if you have a leak in your tank? Wink
or the filling station needs to recalibrate their pumps, Petrol syncros 74 litres approx, diesels 70 litres approx
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