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Full Version: Bought another syncro
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I bought another syncro a few weeks ago. Probably need a hole in my head but cant help it.
What's the plan with this one? Did you pick it up in Hopefield/Langebaan?
thats exactly were i got it.
I am going to rebuild it. Started last week.
Cool Russel!!!
Gooi some Pictures of the Progress
I will do.
I have removed the engine, box, and tank etc so far. It had a blown 2.3 in it. Not much oil in the engine wich was
Probably the cause.
Will be replacing the hole roof skin in the next week as it has rust on the roof corners and in parts of the gutters.
Far better to replace than patch.
Will take photos as I go along.
Subscribed !
EcLiPsE Wrote:Subscribed !
Ditto Eclipse
Here are a few photos of a bit of progress.
This is the passanger front step that as you can see has a bit :lol: of corrosion.
Corrosion in this area on caravelles is caused by a pice of sponge VW put behind the panel to reduce wind noise but has a bad long turn effect.
Once all is cut out the you need to make the replacement panel.
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