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Full Version: Low oil pressure and what to do?
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Well, Bennie actually never solved the problem and sold the bus on with the oil buzzer still going of erratically on low pressure, and I bought it with the problem.

Very annoying. Spent the past months trying all sorts, mainly eliminating that its an electrical problem.

Finally it was time for surgery. First thing the mechanic said when we drove the bus was too much float on the crank, which caused the drop in pressure when picking up revs. Either wrong or worn thrush washers. Now remember, this engine was 'reconditioned' 8 000km ago. Eish !

Got the call today, it was excessive float on the crank, fixed and the buzz is gone, oil pressure up to spec.

I suppose you get reconditioning and reconditioning.

Picking up the bus tomorrow and going on a trip next weekend.. We'll see.
Maybe too soon too tell, but drove the bus to work this morning and no buzz, and it used to buzz constantly in traffic at around 3rd gear 2000rpm.

Pressure on the guage sits about 1 bar higher than what it used to. I knew where it would always buz and tried to induce it, but nothing.

Lets hope, because it was worrying as the fault was caused by low pressure and not electrical.

What's reassuring is the mechanic says the bottom end of the engine otherwise looks good.
great news, glad it seems sorted out, but this is one of the reasons i hate so called rebuilt motors, guys always take short cuts
Agree, and like I said, you get rebuilds and THEN you get rebuilds. I love the engine and would like to keep it, even though I know its old. Since the 'rebuild' its not been cared for.

It runs beautifully though, even if there are still a few small niggles to sort, and get properly tuned once the new head is fitted.

All in good time. We off on our first trip next weekend into the Karoo. Just a short one to shake it down.

You guys must also enjoy your Lesotho trip. Next time.
thanks, enjoy yours too, drive safely
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