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Full Version: Syncro Torque Settings
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Front Suspension/Steering

Upper Ball Joint 60Nm (44ft lb) 8mm Inhex N 044 727 3
Upper Ball Joint 100Nm (74ft lb) 24mm N 041 181 7
Lower Ball Joint 100Nm (74ft lb) 27mm 211 405 389
Outer Tie Rod End 30Nm (22ft lb) 19mm N 011 212 2
Anti Roll Bar Ends 30Nm (22ft lb) 17mm N 102 090 05
Disc Brake Caliper Mounting Bolts 250Nm (185ft lb) 22mm

Front Axle

Axle Nut 350Nm (258ft lb) 30mm N 100 853 01
CV Bolts 35Nm (26ft lb) 6mm Inhex N 014 751 3
Wheel Mounting Nuts 180Nm 19mm N 020 112 1

Rear Axle

Axle Nut 500Nm 46mm


Spark Plugs 20Nm Bosch W7CCO
Any idea on the Torque on the following items:

* Radius Arm
* Lower Control Arm Bolt
* Upper Control Arm Bolt?

Thanks Dean
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