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Full Version: Gauteng Syncro Day 2014
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Are we having a Syncro Day this year?
(Before anyone suggests I must organise it, I can't I'm out of SA most of the time.)

If all works out, I should be in SA on the weekends of the 6th and 13th of July.

Do those dates suite the rest of the forum? It's in school holiday time as well.

What about a change of venue? Maybe Bass Lake or some other suggestions?

Please post some ideas guys.
You arrange it and we will be there, 12th sounds good to me,

Pitbull event on the 5th, at bapsfontein

Unfortunately I can't organise it from the DRC.
im on it, looks like Kungwini will be the place this year
will just confirm rates and a date and then post details
That's great news Dean. I'm in SA on the Sunday the 6th & 13th of July if one of those dates would suit the rest of the guys.
What about later? When its a little warmer again?
Bump ?
Problem with syncro owners, you need to beg them to come and enjoy them selves, that is why i am not arranging any more saamtreks etc
Im not going to beg anyone ;-) but ill start a new thread with a trip in July(Limpopo)
I'll be there if it falls between the 5th and the 20th of July.

Dean when are yo planning the Syncro Day? Would love to join Izan on his river outing as well, as I am only back in SA again in Sept and then there isn't a chance to go on any 4x4 trips.
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