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Full Version: Modified Double Cab (not Syncro)
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Saw this at Blaawberg, Cape Town yesterday afternoon while watching all the Kite Surfers, hey do any Cape Town dudes out there actually do any work??? Seems really nicely done, still full size sliding door and shortened bakkie area. Originally a standard Caravelle I would guess. (unless VW made a while lot of these and I missed them!)
Very nicely done. Something different for a change.
Ex Pretoria bus, a friend sold it a few years ago
Wow clever idea
Looks like a proper craftsman did that. Im wondering how does the back open...hinge down like a tailgate?
Looks like the back dosent open. Nicely done but very impractical.
There is a similar red one in the US. They shortened the sliding door to give a bigger load area. More practical.
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