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Full Version: River Trip - Bewaarkloof 12 July
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Hi everyone

List of vehicles going:
(Eclipse) Izan & Christelle, CB(7), Zach(6), Andre(4), Katryn(2)
(BHM) Bernard & Sonja, Michelle

Mark & Family(1 kid)
Henk & Family(2 Kids)

Mphogodima river is fed put of Bewaarkloof(part of wolkberg/drakensberg), it has water throughout the year because of all the fountains in the mountains. It ends up rinning into the Olifants river.

Water level this time of the year is safe, vehicles wont drown ;-)

The trip is 17km river from olifants into the mountain and back(total 34km off road), 50/50 sand/ rock.
Difficulty level is about 2/5, rivers change a lot but we never had bad rock thats any risk to Syncro's.
Very nice and scenic route.

Some Albums:

To stay overnight is a option, it might suit everyone coming from far better... but just keep in mind there are not toilet and shower facilities.

Anyone interested in a get together here in Limpopo please reply and give us vehicle counts..

Sorry for the short notice but we do a lot of things impulsive ;-)

This is +/- 60km from Pietersburg towards Burgersfort

This is in Bewaarkloof Reserve, there are no game fencing but its pretty safe to camp.

Entry and camping is free!

No one up for this trip?
I'm keen but only in July unfortunately.
Hi Izan

as per our Tel con today, i am keen to do this trip but as a 2 day trip, say meet in Polokwane at 8 on a sat am, then do some of the trip, set up camp at about 2.30 to 3pm, haver a chilled braai,

then sun am do the rest of the trail to be able to leave Polokwane at say 12 ish.

and may when the weather is a little warmer, late aug or sept is good

Hi Stuart, good suggestion
It can be done over two days, it will be a little more relaxed then as well, especially if there is more than 6 vehicles.

We initially had a group of people interested and almost every one pulled out for the June trip.

July seems like the date is set on 12th, we can then discuss for the possibility of day two 13th July.
Minimum/maximum temps of 5 - 30 (This is based on temps of last year July)
Average night for July'13 (7)
Average day temp for July'13 (23)
Its winter so if you consider joining with us on this trip, make sure you bring extra blankets and warm clothing.

There are no fences here at Bewaarkloof.
Where we plan to camp is very remote, we have never had any problems here before.
Expect to see some Cattle and Pigs Wink

Time of the trip will determined by the amount of vehicles going.

I will add the attending names in the initial post.
Give me a few days and we will confirm, is it june or july?
Its July
Lets see what is the interest , otherwise we will reschedule to next year, maybe March or April which is a little warmer.
Just wondering as the post says 12 june?
Sorry, it was a typo
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