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Full Version: Syncro SA Insurance
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Ok, so what's the deal with this insurance scheme? Anybody on it? What are the rates like?

I completed a form at the time of its introduction and emailed it off for a quote. The broker then mailed me back and said sorry, this scheme is for Syncros only, not 2WD. Dean then intervened and explained to the broker it was intended to be open to anyone with a T3, whether it be Syncro or 2WD. All well and good, but I went onto another scheme for a year, or whatever. I now need to relook at insurance, as I am currently one of the 70% of SA driver's who drive uninsured. but my original emails and documentation are on another hard drive that I cannot access and need to start from scratch.

I have been trying to get the Syncro SA broker's details out of Dean for the past four weeks without success. Dean, ten days ago you said "I'll send u their details now" yet I am still waiting and my next message seen on June 11 was ignored.

Surely the details should be up here anyway in a sticky?
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