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Full Version: 2.6i Doka
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The King
Here are a few pics of my 1986 Doka, bought from fellow forum member, Gerrit Nolte. I got it on January 30, 2010. It has a 2.6i engine, 5 speed gearbox, power steering and air conditioning. Since having bought it, I have fitted a Caravelle interior from a 97 model I think, a new Caravelle leather steering wheel and centre pad, new gear knob, a set of five Rhein alloy wheels, refurbished by Wheel Service Centre in Bellville. It has updated front grilles and lights, new wiper arms and wipers. I fitted new seat belts and stalks and have sourced a myriad of other parts, some of which have been very difficult to obtain. It will get a full set of Caravelle bumpers in due course and a big brake upgrade for the front. I have nearly all the parts. It also will get a late model moulded dash, but again parts are difficult/impossible to get as many items have been discontinued and I'm fussy when it comes to used parts. I'm currently chasing tinted glass and plan on fitting sliding side windows in the back of the cab. It will also get electric front windows because of the Caravelle door panels and not wanting to cut additional holes for manual window winders It's proving to be one of the most frustrating upgrade restorations I have ever done and I have a few under the belt.
hi Nick

we now need pics of your other cars,

Thanks stuart
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