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Full Version: 2015 Northern Cape Syncro Trip report
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Hi All 2015 north cape participants,

please add your trip report here, will do mine a little later,

the trip was awesome, you guys are what made it great, thanks,

stuart and lindy
Waiting anxiously to see the fun you guys had, Wish we could have been there too, but to our dismay when payments were due we had other expenditures....
Not a day went past without us thinking of you guys!!
Where you were and how you were doing!!

Sorry to have missed the trip, and looking forward to all the reports and pictures.
Trip Report

Contrary to the heading above I decided to rather give you some photographic impressions combined with comments.
The trip proceeded as per the original trip-plan published earlier.
Starting on Sat 25.04.15 the group travelled from Gauteng to Kuruman on tar (day one). Thereafter the trip continued mainly on gravel, sand or off-road via the Kuruman River, Hakskeen Pan, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, and then tracking all the way back eastwards along the South Africa- Botswana Borderline.

Kuruman. One of the nicer pictures….

On our way to Hakskeen Pan

The brave conquering the first red sand dunes…. With ease!

Surface of a pan……on the way to Hakskeen Pan

Arrival at Hakskeen Pan…..

The RACE @ Hakskeen Pan !!!!
[attachment=4737] [attachment=4770]
[attachment=4740] [attachment=4741]
Won by Org in his "red devil-double cab -short Block-non-cam-belt-racer", topping out at a phenomenal speed of 273.4 quarter miles / hour!!! Very good for a fully loaded T3 Syncro on soft surface!!!

Dirk attempting to transmit our new speed record to the rest of the world………….
This however failed due to poorly maintained obsolete technology.

[attachment=4744] [attachment=4773]
[attachment=4747] [attachment=4775]
Hakskeen Pan. Morning has broken…….

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

[attachment=4751] [attachment=4777]
Fantastic scenery …………………and awful corrugation.

[attachment=4754] [attachment=4755]
Syncros only….

[attachment=4780] [attachment=4781]
Flower Power + Cleaning out the remains of it

[attachment=4758] [attachment=4779]
Early settlers…. Late settlers............

[attachment=4778] [attachment=4764]
Animals of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

[attachment=4765] [attachment=4766]
On top of the mountain… trailing our way home.

Top Ten:
1. Hakskeen Pan
2. Hakskeen Pan / Race
3. Hakskeen Pan / Camp
4. Hakskeen Pan / Sun Rise
5. Bush Camp / on the SA / Botswana Border
6. Mountain Sanctuary Park / Camp
7. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park …
8. ………
9. Corrugations
10. Camps / National Parks

Break Downs…….
Numerous. However in the presence of our technical crack team i.e.
Stuart, Paul, Org, Enkie, Dean, Allan, Dirk, Charl, Xavier, Tim….. sorted out in no time.

Vehicle Damage
@ times we picked up one or the other minor scratch ….. which should easily polish out.
Nothing compared to the pre-war “Land Cruiser” which lost the right front due to the corrugations….. I thought I pick it up (dig it out) and return it to the original owner…………..

All in all a fantastic trip with facets of various experiences.
Thanks a lot to Stuart, Lindy & Paul as well as the entire (fantastic) group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jee this really looks awesome. Were there any 14" syncros attending?

I would like to be so bold to ask that everyone state the fuel that they used as everybody did the same mileage and similar speeds form the start at Kuruman. Just as a comparison in the same scenario. We know what engine is the fastest.
yes, Dirk and Linda have a 14" syncro. he lost a tyre on route to kuruman, could not find a 205R14 to replace it, he is changing to 15" soon.

BTW he did Lesotho with the 14" as well.
Henning's T3 Syncro
Norther Cape Trip / Consumption ~ over 2400 km ~ 14.4 l/100km
Raised suspension + 215/75/15 MT
Standard body / No add-ons i.e. Bulbar Canopy, high roof, roof carrier
Engine 2l Golf
mine was somewhere between 20 and 23 l/100, seriously modified camper, very heavy, very high and short diff ratio's, 600 rpm more than standard buses at 100km/h, and i never drove slowly.
we got roughly 12.8l/100 in our cox camper 2.0l long block golf engine
was a great trip, will upload a report and pictures soon

On Saturday morning at 5am, 5 of the group of 10 syncro’s met at the Total garage on the N14 near Lanseria, Paul, Org, Charl, Henning, Lindy and I. We had a scare when at Ventersdorp my Syncro developed a crank shaft oil seal leak. A quick call to Dean and Alan to ensure that they found a seal and oil in Potchefstroom for me.
Dean & Alan and Xavier & Tanya were on the Kleksdorp/Potchefstroom Road as they left from Johannesburg. Dirk and Linda were already in Kgalagadi and Tim and Lesley had stayed overnight at the Barberspan Dam.
We met Tim and Lesley, Enkie and Helen in Vryburg where the group had a KFC breakfast. My oil leak was getting less. We decided to leave it until Kuruman to effect the repair. 15Km before Kuruman Org’s Doka Syncro snapped a cambelt. I towed him into the Kuruman Municipal Campsite. The Campsite is really getting run down, no hot water in the ablutions, and it had been like that since we started to arrange the trip, but they did give us a chalet to have a hot shower in.
Luckily Xavier had a 121 tooth, short block cambelt, I traded him my 124 tooth belt that his bus would need if the belt snapped. 2 hours later we had Org’s Doka running again, luckily it had not bent any valves. By Kuruman my Syncro had stopped leaking oil and the level was still good, so no repair was needed. Seems we had overfilled the oil on the Friday, a service prior to leaving.
That evening we all walked the Spur to eat dinner. It was a long day so the quick and easy meal was welcome.
At 7am on Sunday morning we all filled up and head to Vanzylsrus and the Kuruman River. The track along the Kuruman River was basically a gravel track with a little sand. Along the route we stopped for a brunch under a windmill, bacon, eggs, toast etc was enjoyed by most of the group. At Vanzylsrus we bought ice and a few guys refuelled. We played on the sand dunes for a short while before heading west towards Askham. This was a corrugated gravel road. We once again stopped at Askham to refuel and inflate our tyres again.
Next stop was to be Haakskeenpan, where the Bloodhound Land-speed record will be attempted in 2016. On arrival at the pan we found access blocked by a locked gate. We found a way round and onto the pan. We were to meet Dirk and Linda here. While waiting for them we lined the 9 Syncro’s up and had a drag race. Org’s short block 2.0i Doka was the fastest followed by Enkie’s 2.3 20 valve 5cyl and then Charl’s 2.6i 5cyl. We eventually got hold of Dirk and met him on the main road outside Groot Mier.
We decided to camp on the nearest pan outside Klein Mier. It was starting to get dark as we arrived on the pan. We made a big Laager and started a fire in the centre of it. A gas shower was set up, meat braaied and a great evening was had by all in the silence of the pan. A local farmer arrived to see what we were doing and left after a short chat. They had some stock theft recently so he was just checking our intentions.
Next morning we headed for the Kgalagadi National Park. After booking in and setting up camp we took an afternoon drive up the Nossob River. Great game viewing was had by all. We saw rooihartebees, springbok, gemsbok, a pair of mating Lions and 5 cheetahs. The evening braai was a hit as usual with Charl teaching all the photographers new techniques with their cameras.
Early the next morning we headed up the Aoub River, roads are very corrugated. Game viewing was poor. Some of the group did the off road trail from the Nossob to the Aoub.
That afternoon we relaxed in the camp and some of the group did a drive up the Nossob again. Tim had broken a left front CV joint so I removed it for him. He now had 3wd for the rest of the trip.
That evening, just before the gates closed, Xavier informed a few in the group he had a waterpump problem and was leaving for Upington to have it replaced. I was not informed of this but heard it second hand from other trip members. We had 2x golf waterpumps with us????
Next morning we left to do the off-road Molopo 4x4 trail along the Mopolo River, along the SA/Botswana border. This was mostly uneventful other than a few sand sections and a piece where the thorn bushes were very thick. Lots of farm gates to open and close, just across the border in Botswana there is a new tar road running parallel to the old gravel road in SA. We managed to do nearly 350km that day and had a great bush camp on the side of the track that evening.
Along this section Dirk lost the alternator belt, water pump runs on it too, his bus started to run hot, luckily Dean noticed the water leaking and radioed Dirk to stop, a few minutes later we were back on the road.
With only 80 odd km to go to Molopo Game reserve the following day we had a latish start. A short while later the temp on Dean and Alan’s Cock’s camper started to climb. We stopped, oil in the water, removed the oil cooler and filled the water. Topped up the oil, temp still high while driving.
I towed them into the campsite, only about 20km. At the campsite we checked everything, drained and flushed the oil out the radiator, refilled the system with new water and filled the oil up, all fine since then.
A few guys went on a game drive in Molopo Park, game is very skittish, but good sightings were had. We had to fire up the donkey for hot water, but at least the ablutions were clean, run down but clean.
The long road to Mafikeng started early, with terrible corrugations, at Brey we all filled up with Fuel and food, nice “slap” chips. Awesome general dealer, with everything from fresh lettuce to 5m long fan belts and just about anything else you could think of.
A while later the group got split up onto 2 parallel roads about 20km apart, the 2nd group turned off the “main” route by accident. 3 of the Syncros on the other road hit the same rock in the “middelmannetjie”, with Charl’s syncro getting the most damage, with a cracked gearbox, that was now leaking oil but we all got to Mafikeng within about 10mins of each other.
We did some shopping in Mafikeng and headed to the Mafikeng Game Reserve, the campsite is also old but clean. Sign posts to the resevere are not very clear at all, but we eventually found the Main gate. Charl’s syncro was stripped and a silicone patch fitted to the gearbox. That evening we went to eat out at the Spur in town, to give the cooks a break.
On route back to the camp, Dirk was nearly run off the road when a bakkie veered into the oncoming lane. Luckily his reactions were good. An earlyish evening was had by all. Next morning we filled Charl’s gearbox with oil and he headed home, not wanting to chance an extra day of travel. The rest of the group headed for Rustenburg.
Just after Olifantshoek dam a kudu nearly hit Dean and Alan, barely missing them and an oncoming bakkie. We then drove over Breedts Nek to Mountain Sanctuary Park. Dean and Alan decided to head home from here as it was just 2 hours back to JHB.
The rest of us stayed, and had a nice braai and relaxing evening. We had a late morning on Sunday and all headed back home. We did a total of 2497 km in the 9 days we were away.
Some days were long, 400 odd km in a day on gravel is hard in a 10 car convoy. At places we were spread over a 10km distance. I would suggest a max of 300km in a day on gravel is enough. Early starts are a must as unforeseen things happen. Rather arrive early at a place than try and have late morning starts, driving after dark is a no. All syncros made it back under their own power, a few scratches, dents, cracks and tyres later.
I really had a great trip, thanks to all who participated in the trip, it is the group that makes the trip a great one. Thanks to all, Lindy, Paul, Tim and Lesley, Dean, Alan, Xavier and Tanya, Enkie and Helen, Henning, Dirk and Linda, Charl and Org, you guys made the trip.

Stay posted for the next trip.
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