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Full Version: 4x4 Charity Day Brakpan 23 May 2015
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Hi all

Sorry for the late post but there is a 4x4 day being held at Murial Brand School in Brakpan on Saturday and We have full control of the 4x4 track for the day.

The event officially starts at 9am and will have 4 different 4x4 events happening along with food and stalls for the whole family to enjoy. All proceeds from the day will go to the school.

Please let me know if you can make it

we will be there with the "thingcro"

can you give an address or GPS point
Street address: 32 Muriel Brand Street
Brenthurst, Brakpan, South Africa

GPS Coordinates: South 26° 14,779'
East 28° 22,772'
I am bringing the playbus and my 4x4 golf and it's ready to drive the 4x4 track
come on all the gauteng syncro owners, track is easy, so wont Damage the syncro's.

lets get a few buses there for a good cause
Ag pooh... why this weekend. Im going hunting sorry chaps.
Allen and Linda wil be there. Need to see what a syncro can do. Thanks Stuart for my 2lt engine.
i have arranged free entrance for all syncro's attending
Will try to join you a little bit later.....
What a great day we had thanks to all who came

[Image: 01a4665b7ea5a0a6c9f5f72fcb0eaa2e.jpg]

[Image: ac52df85d3adbba393675497d5308488.jpg]
[Image: 43774f9f79a547e4d6dce879cb20cf5b.jpg]
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