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Full Version: Volkswagen California
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Looks good but not sure what it is going to cost here in the States!

Post collision braking, wtf? I would think that pre collision braking is more useful?Dodgy

Interior pics on Google search:

Is VWSA selling anything other than stock buses?

I read that the California was never sold in America.
The enthusiasts in USA are hoping that the new T6 Cali will make it to the States.

VWSA has sold a few California's SE--the upmarket version--as well as the different/alternate specd California Beach in the past.

It just got much too expensive to bring the Cali in now--over R1 M,
so they rather import and sell the Beach.

Probably not more than +/-20? vehicles, all told, in RSA.

The new T6 variants in Europe actually offers a choice of 3 specifications,
and is a nice mix and match combination of the Cali and Beach.

I only know all this because I had my heart set on a used Cali 4Motion recently, so had to do lots of research fast.
The "Chicken Tax"! I see the SA Poultry association also caved to the US poultry interests. Damn Bullies!
Here is a shorts clip to salivate on:
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