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Full Version: Smallest Mud terrain tires
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Hi everyone,

This is my first post hence joining some time back. I have a question on the tires and would like to know if anyone can help me with experience, Bridgestone are making a 215/75R15 Mud terrain that would fit strait onto a standard height Syncro.

Is there anyone that knows this tires for: 4x4 traction, dry tar traction, wet tar traction, noise, millage?

I know its a odd size but cant fit 30x9.5s that is the next size...

i run 245/75 R15 muds on my syncro, same as the 30x9,5r 15 ,lift needed for them

the 215/75R15 will work on a stock syncro, may touch a little in serious off road.

as for ability, nothing actually works in mud other than tyres called boggers and high rpm to spin them clean, but they still can get stuck,

Muds are good in general off road, i find, not great in sand IMHO, terrible on wet tar, aqua plain easily, very very noisy, fine on dry tar, and i get stuck with in mud them often

waste of money imho, unless doing serious 4x4 competitions, buy nice 215R15 At's they will do 90% of what you need and are quiet on road

i did the crappest road in lesotho with Goodyear wrangler ATSA's at 2.2 bar, no hassle, and ask the guys on the trip that was a serious off road section

I am running 215 / 75 / 15 Hankook Dynapro MT.
(was running Firestone ATX before)
Traction… only got stuck once, uphill…. Lack of driver skill + challenging terrain "EDIT same pass in Lesotho, was not a traction issue. Stuart"
Other than that, Stuart is the best to comment on traction and anything else.
Noise level: so far ok / not worse than Firestone ATX
Effect on consumption ~ + 1 liter / 100 km
Worthwhile ? not really if the bus is used for normal touring / light offroading…
(perhaps when you do serious offroading)
I think you will pay twice the price / Tyre compared to a normal AT Tyre

Thanks for the replies,
Next question, what tire pressures do you run on 215 R15 A/Ts?
Depends. Anything from 2.2 to 2.5 on tar. 1.8 on gravel. 1.0 to 1.5 on sand.
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