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Full Version: i cant reply to the 2.3vr 2.8 v6 audi motor
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2.3 v5 is moer exspensive parts ,even more exspensive than the exspensive 2.8 vr6 and heavy on feul ,the 2.8 v6 audi have been done but how long wil your box take the nm? the 2l8v with 95.5mm diesel crank and 83.5mm 2.5 kombi pistons and flowed head and 276 wil make 120kw+ and 210nm+ with a xflow head and throttels and 288 cam wil go to 130kw+ and 230nm . the vr6 also gets hot really quick and if a overlanding and radiator getting no air and too small it gone throw headgasket like nothing,the 2e is beter suited for the cooling system and a big fan from Motown fitted to the rad and u sorted.... I would also not go with the exspensive 2.8 audi motor...the vr6 is the cheapest to buy import R6500+ and if it brakes fit another,or get a stroked 2e
I also couldnt reply to that thread. Where does the peak Nm come in with those cam variants?

The VR6 might be a fiddle to get working but the sound of that multivalve would probably make up for it...hehe.
I read on tje 4x4 community forum about the 2.5 chevy motor thatbis an old mule but keeps going aand going while it pushes plenty torque from 2600
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