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Full Version: Advice - Syncro Engine/General Spec
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I'm looking to buy a Syncro in the next 6 to 12 months and would like some general advice on what to look for. I currently own a 1984 VW Kombi camper that's a very good runner but has a V6 Ford conversion engine, which has caused problems in the past with overheating. I've also been warned that the gearbox may give us trouble sooner or later.

I've come to realise a Syncro is the answer but want to avoid any pitfalls of choosing the wrong one and making the same mistake again. Do most Syncros run perfectly fine with their original engines, or should I look out for any conversions in particular? Is diesel the way to go? Any other dos and don'ts when choosing the right Syncro?

Also wondering if anyone can recommend anyone in the Western Cape who specialises in converting interiors. Been struggling to find a secondhand Syncro that's already kitted out like a camper van - bed, fridge, cooker, pop-up roof etc.

Please help! Smile
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