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Full Version: officially a syncro owner from today whoa
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hi guys i am now the proud owner of my first syncro drove her back today from pe to kzn long drive. she is a 1989 caravelle sincere with a 2.2 toyota diesel motor, had a very good drive back, but she does get a bit warm, so any advice on that would be great, maybe bigger radiator should do. i want to start tomo with engine gear box, them move onto suspension, etc. so bare with me guys if i ask silly questions got a lot to learn about the syncro.
Congrats on the new bus, hope you enjoy it
thanks deanace what to give you a call too, looking at starting on the suspention, shocks feel tired look like originals still. maybe a slight lift,

Very nice looking bus SiR
if you call ace on 0118115855, press 121 as soon as you hear the voice menu and it will take you directly to me even if i am not at the office
Enjoy your bus, it gets into your blood!
Well done Zoodog!!!!

Hope you are ready for a life of Syncro addiction!!!!!!
Welcome and congratulations.
Enjoy it
Ok guys just been busy with the cor, so far im putting a new bigger radiator in, as combi runs hot with the 2, 2 toyota diesel motor, my mai priority after cor, is cooling, and engine. So id like to fit an oil cooler next please advise bet to fit and how to fit. Thanks guys

Also maby improving wind scoops on the sides?
@ Zoodog

it will run hot no matter what you add, my 3ct Has longer diff ratio's and longer 4th gear to bring revs down, 2x radiators, oil cooler and intercooler, and it still runs hot, these motors are designed to run Hot, Max temp is 115 degrees on them,

very disconcerting when driving,

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