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Full Version: 24 -27 sept Assen week end away
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we have a new venue for the "long weekend" away at Assen, 70km north of Brits.

private game farm,
R300 per couple for the weekend,
game drives,
camping with a chalet for ablution facilities,
no 4x4 needed, camp in tents or syncro etc,

relaxing weekend away,
whatts app group for those interested,
send me a whatts app to join,
payment on arrival at the farm

083 629 9951
Morning all Assen particpants, i will SMS, whatts app you the GPs point for the farm today, see you all there around thurs midday.

thanks stuart
083 629 9951
No pics means it didn't
we know, it was a secret outing, spy's only, really did not happen, believe me,

will post pics tonight
we were 4 syncro's and org's sprinter at Assen, 2x buggies and the 4x4 beetle.

Tim and Lesley, Pierre and Renay, Org and Danita, Herman, Charmain and the 2 boys, and Lindy and myself. Gert and Marieta who own the farm were also there with a landcruiser Game viewer. it was a nice and relaxing week end, we did plenty of Game drives, and played with the beach buggies,

The Farm is not very big at 180ha, has limited game, but we saw eland, wildebeest, blesbok, steenbok, impala, rabbits, monkeys and a black mamba. the animals are quite skittish as the farm is used mainly for bow hunting.

thanks to all who joined it was a great weekend, thanks to Gert and Marieta for the use of the farm too,

Thanks Stu it was a Nice Weekend
Thank U to all the people that made it possible for us to tag along and for
coming to fetch us when we got lost Tongue
To Gert and Marieta thank U for the game drives and use of u'r farm
we must certainly go more often

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