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Full Version: 2.0l ABA motronic conversion
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This is an excerpt from a friend of mine in Canada, where currently a warm day high is 5 degrees celsius!! Anyway he is trying to put this Golf 2.0l motor in his Syncro, but is getting stuck re the starter motor position and the fuel tank? Does Stuart or Dean or someone else out there know of this motor and if so how do you get round it? Do we use the wbx bellhousing always and does that change the angle of install or something. Any good pic threads out there I can refer him to? Please see his comments below...

....I'd like one in my syncro. Well, I'd like the 2.0 litre ABA with motronic. I know things are a bit different in SA , different 2.0 engine management and manifolds etc.

I haven't seen good pics of a SA inline four install in a syncro. I'm guessing it uses the diesel type fuel tank that allows the starter to sit "up there".

Am I right?

The darn wbx fuel tank is one thing slowing me down. I could use an adapter plate and use the WBX bell housing. But I have all the parts to do the 55 degree install....
Hi john,

the sleeping engines in SA use an adapter plate and the wbx starter and bellhousing, way easier than the diesel tank and starter, all the rest the position is the same, 55 degree install, we have just fitted a 2.0i 16 valve like that,

we have the adapter and custom flywheel if you need, also uses the 2.1 clutch kit,

083 629 9951
Thanks Stuart, I have referred him to this thread and our forum...
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