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Full Version: Ian's Syncro
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5 years ago I did a major rebuild on my Syncro. The pics no longer work on that thread so I'll post a few here again before I carry on.

This was the end result. Finished at 03H00 and left for a Transkei trip at 06H00!

A year later I fitted a Mazda 2.5l 24valve V6 and have been smiling ever since!

The other day I was fortunate enough to find a full length Front Runner alloy roof rack made specifically for the T3. It was so nice I decided to do a quick cosmetic makeover on the bus and also fit the new grill and lights I've had lying around my garage for a few years.
I should have done mine this way round too! I did engine and gearbox and then slowly all suspension, bearings, prop shafts etc. and now front diff and VC just completed. Now I want to spray body but would have been better to do it first I think as I'm not going to strip it all again that's for sure! Very nice job Ian!!

Are those towing (rescue) eyes protruding though your front bumper? (Just cant get pic big enough) I want to do that too.

I say this under correction but if I remember correctly you have a Mazda V6 in it? How long ago was that put in and has your gear box held up fine since and is it standard?
The first time the bus was obviously completely stripped. This time I was just going to do a few touch ups to some dings and scratches and a few rust spots but ended up doing a quick respray of the whole vehicle as I was worried that the old paint was a bit faded and the new touch ups would be visible. It was no big deal doing it this way. All the glass comes out pretty easily. I hate masking so this time I just made cardboard cut outs of all the glass and fitted these in the windows. A colour change obviously is a lot of work but if it's just to neaten things up it's very possible without a major strip down.

Yes those are towing eyes I fitted in the front.
I responded too quickly to your post and see yes that it is a V6 Mazda!

I have sprayed a few yachts in the past and am doing one now... but have had my fill of sanding and the prep..... so can do it myself I guess but cant get myself to start! One day....
Yes prep work is no fun!

Gearbox is standard and still hanging in there. I drive it smoothly and with some sympathy, but there is still a lot more power going through the box. Up the kind of hills where you would be doing 80km/h in 3rd it will now cruise up at 120km/h in top. I never floor the accelerator though. It's just not necessary.
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