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Full Version: Late '95 2.6i wiring diagram
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Hi folks, my shop in the US services a 85 Vanagon w/ a 2.6i SA engine in it. I need a wiring diagram for the engine electrics, tracks 1-60 should do it. This unit is a late (10/95) injection system w/ the electronic throttle and 5 injectors, using ECU # 22S 907 404B. Any responses would be much appreciated, I need to check inputs/outputs before condemning ECU.
Thanks, Steve Justin, Justin Engineering, Inc
Hi Steve,

This is the Microbus 2.6L 100kW Bosch Motronic engine PDF dated October 1994 (Edition 02/95) that somebody scanned and uploaded to the 'net. It is accurate for my 1996 Caravelle. It is large at 34MB compressed, 211MB uncompressed.

In case you have diagnostic equipment I believe you can diagnose via the diagnostic port with ISO9141. None of my OBD tools work, I am in the process of creating my own hardware to get to the ECU metrics. There is a small chance the ECU does ISO14230 (Keyword Protocol 2000, or KWP).

Good luck.
Greg- Thanks for the pdf, I'll view it on Monday (if possible) but I do believe I have this one already. This unit I have has the electronic throttle, and 5 separate injectors w/ wiring to each, whereas the diagram has just a throttle position sensor, and one central injector connector. This version started 10/95 if I'm correct. Does your Caravelle have the 22S 907 404B ECU?
Yes my Vag-Com and Snap-on scan tools won't communicate or even power up w/ this ECU. Not sure if I have power or ground issues, part of what I'm trying to determine.
OK, Thanks for the diagrams guys, was able to get my Vag-Com working after wiring repairs. Appears as tho I need to purchase from one of you the ECU 22S 907 404B, and one of the pressure sensors 3A0 906 051, Bosch # 0 261 230 008. Neither are available in the States , again, any help would be appreciated. We've been servicing this Vanagon for many years, after another shop did the conversion to SA 2.6i, and 5 speed. It's been reasonably reliable up to this point, went thru the engine once, and the gearbox once, but the powertrain management has been reliable. Now she runs very rich, won't idle, has a 65535 memory code in ECU, and no response from pressure sensor even during bench testing. If anybody has these goodies, please PM me to make arrangements. Thanks, Steve
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