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Full Version: Big window T3 in Cape Town and PE? **update on page 4&5**
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Dear Gerald,

This would be great. I have time, all the afternoon/evening. Smile
I'm sorry I will miss you. Also in PE but will be away on a little Syncro trip into the mountains while you are here!

(04-19-2016 12:53 PM)Gunther Wrote: [ -> ]Dear Gerald,

This would be great. I have time, all the afternoon/evening. Smile

Around the corner from where you staying is a shopping centre with a nice coffee shop fronting the parking lot.

Pick a time say after 1530 and I suggest we meet there.
15:30 is perfect! Smile

I will send you Gerald and Derick my SA mobil if I arrive in Cape Town Thursday night or Friday.

I hope we can meet us next time Ian. Have a nice trip with your syncro bus! Big Grin
Hi! I am in Cape Town now and my local mobile number is 0761940368
I hope to see you soon in PE Smile

Today near the Table Mountain Cool
(04-19-2016 10:44 AM)Gunther Wrote: [ -> ]Dear Derick,

Thank you very much! Dein Deutsch ist gut! Smile
I arrive at PE at the 26. of April and I leave at the 29. of April. At the 27. I visit the Addo Elephant Park and at the 28. I visit VW in Uitenhage Big Grin

If you like and if you have time, we can meet us for a drink (26. or 28. afternoon or evening). I would be please to get some more informations about the T3 busses in SA. Smile I stay in the Radisson Blu Hotel in PE.

Best regards,

Hallo Gunther, Which area in VW will you be visiting? I work for VW in Uitenhage (Product Engineering) and am also a proud owner of a T3 Syncro. Herman
Dear Herman, the Auto Pavilion offered the standard factory tour und after the tour the manager for the Auto Pavilion will give me some informations about the T3 production which was there many years ago. Later I want to see Thomas Wilm, he works also for production engineering I think. We know us since 15 year but we never met us before.

Today in the dunes near Cape Town. Big Grin
Thank you very much for the nice day Todd! Big GrinBig Grin
Hallo Gunther. Yes, I work with Thomas Wilm, just in another department. I would not be at work on Thursday, but can possibly meet later for coffee with some of the other local Syncro owners.

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Would be nice to meet you together with the others. Maybe Gerald can explain where we can meet us exactly by the sopping center near the Radisson Hotel. Smile
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