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Full Version: Big window T3 in Cape Town and PE? **update on page 4&5**
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(04-24-2016 08:52 PM)Dirty Germ Wrote: [ -> ]Hallo Gunther. Yes, I work with Thomas Wilm, just in another department. I would not be at work on Thursday, but can possibly meet later for coffee with some of the other local Syncro owners.

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Hi Herman,

I've arranged with Gunther to meet at 1530 on Thursday at the coffee shop on Retief Plein in Summerstrand. That small shopping centre with the Wimpy.
Hi Gerard, That is fine with me. Looking forward to meet a few fellow enthusiasts.

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Hi! I just arrived at PE. On Thursday I wear my T3 shirt. That will make it easier to find us. Big Grin
You should not have difficulty recognizing me... I'll be in a Syncro... Big Grin or on a yellow BMW R1100s.
Please come with the syncro bus... Smile
(04-26-2016 07:03 PM)Gunther Wrote: [ -> ]Please come with the syncro bus... Smile

That's the plan, but its in the workshop having some front suspension wear and tear sorted. Going on our first trip this weekend.

Hope to have it back by lunch time Thursday.
[Image: de0301d390b76cc6608845832f2c5f09.jpg]
. I will be there with my Syncro.

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Very neat. Love the original look. Would not have minded mine like that.
Wow, looks very nice! Smile
This morning in Uitenhage... Heart
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