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Full Version: My big window I have been building.
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About time to share some photos of my big window syncro I have been building recently.

To this. Will post up process photos over a few days.


Love it!
Are those audi engine mounts?

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Thanx yes they are the newer Audi/ Passat mounts. they absorb vibration nicely.
Did you use the audi brackets that bolt to the block or did you make your own?

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ahh looking good russle...see you finaly got a weinsberg...must be pretty hard to get hold of in your parts...poptop or non pop...Smile
Hi Xriss
You don't find them in SA. I bought this one in the UK then shipped it with our household stuff. Was not a pop top but in now. Made up all the needed part to covert to pop top. Here is a photo of the hinges before galvanising.
Hi Russel,

I see you have a Trailmaster suspension kit in the Syncro. What are your thoughts about it? I am thinking of getting one (the one for buses heavier than 2400kg).

Cheers Lars
Hi Lars
I have Andrias springs and trail master shock absorbers fitted. The Andreas springs are made for heavy syncros and I think they work very well on a heavy vehicle combined with the trail master HD shocks. These springs are not always available and have limited production runs.
Hi Russel,

thanks for getting back to me. Where can I find more info about the Andreas coils? Do you have any experience with the Trailmaster suspension kits?

Cheers Lars
I will get hold of Andrias and see if he has stock and minds if I pass on his contact details for you.
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