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hi guys

Dean and i were discussing how many big window syncro's are out there last night. can we make a list, i will start with the ones i know please add others. lets start with the factory onea and add the aftermarket ones on a separate list. there were 89 built so lets see how many we can find

Factory big window syncros's:
1) BHM, Bernard white Caravelle, 1.9 TDi
2) Dean ace, White factory 2.5i 5cyl
3) Enkie, Red factory 2.5i 5 cyl
4) Bugger/ Pierre white cox camper, 2.1i wbx
5) Lothar, white 2.1i wbx
6) Tim, cream 2.3i wbx
7) Dazzer/Darren red wbx 6
8) Jean white 2.0i remtec
9) Johan Joubert blue 2.0i remtec
10) Dolf Steyn , white 2.3i wbx
11) One in durban, cannot think of the owners name right now, also white, currently no motor.
12) Fernando, burgandy 2.0i sleeping long block
14) Russel, burgandy, 2,6 audi V6
15) Maree du Plessis, blue 2.5i subaru
16) James/ skilpad, white 2.0i remtec
17) Derek, white 2.5i 5 cyl
18) Andre G, cream 2.0i
19) Ralf, JHB, white ford v6
20) Russel, blue 1.9 mtdi????
21) Syncromad/ Paul ,white really rusted, body/ no motor currently busy being fixed
22) another cream one, used to belong to Nelius, has been sold, cannot remember the new owners name.
23) James and Joyce lynch from the USA,white 2.0i factory Caravelle
24) EcLiPsE, red 2.31 wbx
25) Dean ace, white, ford V6/ no motor curerntly, maybe golf 2.0i
26) max, silver wbx6
27) jorn, 2.0i microbus, camper conversion, durban
28) another white V6 ford one here in pretoria, not sure who owns it now,
29) namibia, Derek v d Merwe 92 Syncro SAC conversion
30) cliff. red lexus V8, in pretoria
31) Chris Elliott 1992 Maroon Big window with a 2.0 L Golf A3
32) Ralf P, PTA white 2.1 andreno recon
33) Corne Coertzee, Blue, 2.0i
34) Graham Coleman, white, wbx6 Durban
35) Ruben Pienaar, mid dark blue with a 2.0l golf motor. Mosselbay.
36) dean ace, charcoal, caravelle, 2.0i

Aftermarket Big window syncro's:
1) Pieter Verster blue 2.8i audi V6
2) Orkin white 2.3i 5cyl
3) Dieter M, white 2.0i
4) Emille, Lefrog, 2.0i white
5) digger white micro bus EC

Thanks stuart
Hi Stuart

What about the red WBX of Dean?
Thanks, for got about that one, edited the post about 5 times as i remembered new ones.
Next step will be to put a picture of each one :mrgreen:
That's gonna be long Wink
Pics of the Big Window Buses
here is my one, going to be for sale very soon,

and Enkie's red 2.5i
Here's mine. 93 model. But it had some some serious rust issues and I stripped it for spares. And in any case, real Syncros have original size windows! :twisted:
The best syncros had big windows
Well they definately have bigger windows. Big Grin Other than that there aren't any significant differences.
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