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Full Version: Found and bought a Syncro
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cant withhold it any more: Finally, after about two years of looking and searching I finally bought a Syncro. 1989 2.1. Kind of a project vehicle but most importantly: not a rust bucket. Will post some pictures when I get to it next weekend as bus is in KZN midlands and I am in Cape Town. Gonna be an interesting trip driving it down.

Cheers to all and have an awesome weekend.

Hi Lars

There is this one that is closer:

Maybe have a look at it on your way up.
good luck, hope you have many happy miles in the syncro
Thought about the one in George. Spoke to the owner. Decided against it. Had a bit of rust in the wrong places for me. The KZN bus is more of a project but in better shape and spec (Caravelle). Now I still have a bit of money for 2l Jetta conversion, recon gearbox (if needed) and so on. REALLY excited. Keep you all posted.
great, [post some pics, we love pics
Well done Lars:!!
Was just looking at that one couple of days ago and wondered why not snapped up yet !Big Grin
Here some pics, more to follow when I get to it next week end..

Any suggestions on spares to take along? Maybe wheel bearings? Does anyone has the part number for 1989 Syncro front and rear bearings? Can I buy Goldwagen/Midas or are they inferior? I am great full for any suggestions.

Cheers Lars

Looks fine, leave the Oe wheel bearing until they give hassles, a huge job to change them, this is the none rock and roll rear seat version
Rock and Roll? Is that the "I can be your bed if you want me to" fold down 2nd row seat? RE wheel bearings I am taking a friend along who has worked for VW and then serviced my 1.9 kombi and my 1.6 diesel panel van (lhd). So he is my swiss army knive for a 1600 km trip with a car I bought unseen. We are going to change the gearbox oil before we set off and taking the prop shaft out as the front driveshafts are out due to some thing I really could not figure out. Just thinking that the viscous coupling likes not to be spun by a shaft when there are no wheels to turn. So I am just looking to take spares along so potential break downs can be fixed at the side of the road...
Do not replace those wheel arches. A good panel beater will easily reshape that metal into a good arch
But make sure they are good and only use a thin skim of putty to smooth of.
There are very few shops that will replace those arches correctly as they extend into the bus and act as a bridge between the inner and outer panels. But your arches are far from the need to replace.
Nice looking bus.

The sliding door can also be repaired but this will also need a skilled person as the metal has
been stretched so needs to be shrunk.
It will be cheaper to find a good replacement door though as there is a lot of skilled labour needed there.
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