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Full Version: D-Column air vent?
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Hi all,

I've decided to take the plunge and install an oil cooler in my big-window syncro (Ford 3l engine), as the oil temps are horrendous (potential first learning: ignorance is bliss, don't install an oil temperature gauge). The water temps are perfect - with the turbo fan, I can reduce water temps further but oil temps remain high.

I installed the oil cooler at the bottom of the driver side D-column, enclosed in a duct, with a fan to pull the air through. However, I'm getting hardly any cooling effect.

When I switched the direction of the fan (to push air to the top of the column) I found that hardly any air came out.

I'm now wondering whether the driver side D-column is actually blocked - given that it has the fuel nozzle in it, and it also has the engine air intake (snorkel?), could there actually be insufficient space for more air to pass through? Has anybody ever opened one of the air intakes to know what it really looks like in there?
I would consider one of these:

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If anyone know if these are locally available i would be interested in a set for my bus with the 2ct diesel

Last resort would be to import, but might be good to test the interest on the forum?

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