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Full Version: Hole in sump? A get-you-home fix.
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For all I know this might be common knowledge, but I've never heard of it before so I thought I should post my discovery on the board in case any Syncronaut finds himself in the same predicament. (This is the short version of a long story which I'll spare you. Don't ask.)

Situation: On the Tapfontein 4WD circular drive in the Anysberg Nature reserve at about the mid-point of the circuit. Alone. Climbing a steep rocky slope I hit a rock first with the front crossmember then a split-second later came an odd thump from the back end. At the top of the climb I got out to check for damage and found oil pouring from a hole in the front of the sump. I'd say I was losing more than 500ml a minute.

I parked the bus on an upward slope to try to minimise the oil loss then lay underneath holding a stick in the hole while I tried to work out my best option. I tried to get a small screw into the hole but the hot oil burned my hand and I couldn't hold it there so I quickly gave up on that. Second hope was Pratley's steel putty which I normally keep on board, but of course not this time. All I had was some rather old GunGum which I moistened and softened and desperately pushed into the still leaking hole. Bang! The leak stopped instantly, I couldn't believe my luck and with the bus back on the level I found I still had a little oil on the dipstick. Half an hour later the Gungum had hardened from the heat of the sump so I applied another two layers, topped up with the 500ml of oil I had on board and drove back carefully to the reserve office. But it was near dark by then and they had closed.

In the morning I got more oil from the park ranger but they had no Pratleys so I drove even more carefully to Touws Rivier, at first checking every ten minutes to see if the repair would hold, which it did, and eventually I drove the 200Km back to Cape Town without a problem.

Morals: 1. Never go off-road in a single vehicle. (stupid, stupid)
2: Never go anywhere without NEW Pratley's Steel putty AND GunGum

Hope this helps somebody and apologies if it's already common knowledge.
thats why syncro's have skid plates under the motor as well.
I think Santa must bring me a sump shield of some sort. Stuart do you happen to have any pics of a Syncro one?
At the end of July I found the repair leaking oil again, it had lasted 7 months. I covered the Pratleys with more GunGum to stop it messing my brick driveway, but that only lasted a day. The following day I wiped the GunGum off with a finger and realised that since I had applied it to a COLD sump it had not hardened and sealed the leak as it had when the oil was hot in the Anysberg. The bus was due for a service so I took the opportunity to remove the sump and have it welded.

GunGum is great for a TEMPORARY bush repair on a hot sump. No good when cold. Pratleys is great for a cold, dry repair on clean, bare metal. I used it four times to repair leaks from a rusty petrol tank and not one of them ever leaked again.

Neve rset off on a bush trip without GunGum AND Pratleys.

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