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Full Version: 2017 4x4 trips
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hi all

i will be arranging a few syncro/4x4 trips for 2017,

there will be a few short local/ nearby trips and one big epic trip. mainly around long weekends and holidays, the epic trip will be 15-16 days long.

all trips will be posted here, on a first come first serve basis as usual,

we also have a syncro/4x4 trips whatts app group, if you want to join the group please send me a whatts app with your name to 083 629 9951, for international guys, +2783 629 9951 and i will add you,

all 4x4 vehicles welcome on these trips, so invite your friends with other 4x4's as well. they are also welcome on the whatts app group

lets have a great syncro 2017

thanks stuart
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