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Full Version: Spare Wheel Covers
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Available NOW !

Hi Syncro's

I've arranged 15" spare wheel covers @ R330 each as shown below
Covers can be collected from:

Pretoria: Syncro Hospital
Springs: Ace Auto Scrapyard
JHB: Ace Auto Scrapyard or alternatively from me personally
Rest of SA: Postage or courier at a fee

The covers are made from waterproof material

Please post in this section to order now

Payment can be made on collection or through paypal
Hi Dean, you wont forget ... Ill be your first order ;-)
Hi Dean,

I will have to wait till i have the moola to upgrade to 15" from my 14" bullet holes. Will then get one from you. What the hell, order me one and i will keep it for then. Will cover the 14" spare that I keep inside the bus.

Yes please Big Grin , definately, been waiting with anticipation. I can collect easily from Stuart, I'm sure he'll hold one for me. Thanks Dean!
I'll take 3 please!
Dean, what size 15" tire will it fit on? Anything bigger than 215/75?
we had it on syncromads bus which has 245/75R15 and it fitted no problem
i can get bigget covers made if anyone needs
Received sample and quality looks good
Hopefully will get some next week
Does everyone like the design above or any comments on how they should look ?
I Think they are great as is, maybe the option of the saamtrek type logo as well, one with the syncro on it.
Looks good to me Dean,

Maybe incorporate a 4x4 or 4WD below or above the "Syncro" (as your dad and Stuart suggested at the fundi challenge) as another option ???

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