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Full Version: Winch Plate
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hi guys

i have made a modified version of the German syncro winch plate, it fits a winch with out a bull bar. designed for steel bumper syncros, caravelles will need too cut a hole in the bumper.

The billet cut one is expensive at R 4250-00, so if enough guys are interested i will see if we can cast a copy from the billet one.
The original was cast, we have added an extra bolt hole for the mounting as well, so it now has 5x mount points. we have also made it wider to take a larger winch

Hi Stuart

How much does the new plate weigh? I've spoken to my brother in law, and got some info, pretty sure we can get it casted for you down here very reasonably. Pm me the weight and the sizes and I'll try and get an estimate.
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