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Full Version: Vented brake kit for 14"
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I'm looking to upgrade the standard brakes on our 14" Syncro to the vented 2.6 brakes, and so I'm after a set of calipers /carriers etc.

Does anyone have a full setup for sale? I think the part numbers I require are:

1 x Left caliper - 996 615 123
1 x Right caliper - 996 615 124
2 x Brake carriers - 996 615 125
2 x Retaining springs - 996 615 270

Sure I do, I'll be back at the office on Monday, give me a shout

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Great. I've also sent a message through the Ace website so you should also have my contact details from that. I'll drop you a message Monday.
Dean - Any luck with finding those parts? Big Grin
pm sent
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