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Full Version: Wanted. 14" front brake disks.
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I have pulsing on my brake pedal. Have replaced the rear brakes with all new components so the problem is not in the rear. I measured the disk thickness and it appears to be passed the wear limit 11mm thickness. If I am unable to source a second hand set of disks, is there an alternative solution while still retaining the 14" wheels?
I have a used set of 14 inch front discs that are just over 15mm thick. I replaced them because of pulsing on the pedal and was planning to skim and keep in stock. Send me a PM and we can chat.

Hi nickgraham

Thank you for the offer but I think I have come right. I will keep you in mind though.
I have 14 inch discs you can have for free. They are a bit rusty from lying around, but they have been indoors since taking them off.
Thanks for all the offers but a found a new set at Masterparts.
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