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Full Version: 2.0i Golf Engine - serious issue, advice needed!
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Hi all,

It appears that my 2.0i 2E remtec engine needs an overhaul. Eish.

Here's what happened:
So the engine has long since had a faint ticking sound. A few days ago I stalled suddenly on take off and thought it was just a shortage of petrol. But when I got home the engine was clacking like a tractor. I got a mechanic over to check it wasn't just tappet noise and he confirmed the worst. Noise is definitely coming from the block. He suspects a main bearing or conrod.

So here's the dilemma. He has offered to strip it and if it is just a parts replacement, can do it for me relatively quickly and cheaply. Another opinion I got from a mechanic I have used before said they may have to have to send the crankshaft away for grinding. At a minimum it will be R10k for stripping and rebuilding, plus any parts and machining, so R13-R15k estimate!

At that price, would I not be better off with a new engine? And how likely is it that the crank needs machining?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Nick,

just buy a replacement motor from a place like Mikes place, from R7500 to 9500 depending, on who sell,

keep the old motor as spares, or sell off parts to cover some costs,

Thanks, Stuart. Would any of the ADY, AGG work with my set up? Is there any preference for these over the 2E?

Just bought a 2.0i ADY from Mike's place - R7900. Will keep the 2E for spares. Having it fitted on Monday. Crossing fingers it is not a dud.
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