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Full Version: Dilema with a syncro i bought
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Up date, last week i did get n email from Ian, saying that there is new contact being used t the bank, think this is contact no 4 now, but at least there is some communication.

but the bottom line is that is is another 2 weeks down the line and still the matter is going nowhere,

and , well what else can i say.........
and another week down the line still nothing, very frustrating, seems like its R70k plus down the tubes at this point.
well i personally can't believe it but Ian whatts app'ed me a copy of the reg doc today, seems like progress is being made with the papers, eventually,

that said i am still unhappy about the deal as it was not even close to what was advertised. and i took Ians word that it was a good vehicle, and was burned, lesson learned.

I have eventually got the licence papers for the syncro, so thanks for that,

BUT, the old licence expired in Dec2017, so the vehicle has no valid disc, the PO has other outstanding licence fees so the licence has been paid, but no disc issued, now the vehicle has been put on my name, but i legally cannot drive it to the RWC centre to get the RWC for a disc as the current licence has expired,

i also cannot drive it to my panel shop guy to get the vehicle body in a condition to do a RWC, so its still a stuff up, need to hire a trailer to move it, more costs.

this whole sale has been poorly handled buy the seller from day, one,

what i have learned from this,
1) don't trust anyone's word on the condition of a vehicle they are selling, i did this because of the sellers good reputation on the forum,
2) inspect the vehicle your self, refer to point one,
3) dont pay for a vehicle until you have seen a copy of the papers,
3) dont trust any mechanics word on motor rebuilds, or sellers that the job has been done right, most people have no conscience on selling crappy workmanship,
4) dont believe peoples ongoing lies, and kak stories,
5) dont pay good money for bad syncros, I am in for over 70K on a 30k bus, still need to put another at least 50k into sorting this bus' body work properly.

Thanks for the Papers eventually after nearly 2 years of waiting, given i only pushed the matter for about 10months.

Basically i got shafted properly on this deal, so as it goes," buyers beware".

trust is earned, but broken very easily, maybe i am just too honest, and will always try to sort out any issues my customers have in the best way possible,

thanks stuart
and the saga of disaster continues,with this syncro

i went to go and pay some licences for my other vehicles, and this syncro is now blocking my other cars as Ian registered it in PE, so now all my cars pick up as PE so now i need to do address changes, back to PTA on them all to pay the licences, or i have to pay licences in PE, such a costly and time wasting stuff around, thanks for that,

what a mess from he start, just does not seem to end, and i still need to hire a trailer to take it for a RWC so we can start to sort it out, more wasted money,
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