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Full Version: Dilema with a syncro i bought
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Hi all,

i have been pondering with this post for a few months now.

I am only doing this now to warn other potential buyers to make sure you al least see the papers for a vehicle before buying it,

i bought a syncro from Ian Fairley more than a year ago, have been promised the papers for all that time and received nothing but lies and excuses,

I am now siting with a syncro that owes me over R70 000 and i can do nothing with it but strip it for spares as i dont have papers for it and the licence has now also expired.

in Oct 1026 i was told the papers were ready for collection, then nothing.
in november 2016 i told Ian he had 3 weeks, until 15 dec to get me the papers or give me a full refund, he agreed i was being more than fair, 15 dec came with now new excuses, that the papers are still with the bank, so that says all other promises were lies.

and its almost a month again with out a reply or an update on the paper status.

i find this whole deal unacceptable and to in the ethics of a respected syncro person on this group,

i wont go into the other problems the syncro had after an alleged engine rebuild,

sorry to vent here but i feel going public is the only solution to the problem.

as a small business i cant afford to have R70K plus tied up in a car for close to 18 months, and i cant put the other money into it for the body repairs and loose further on this car, it was booked for early dec for the body work. i had to cancel the booking.

I was initially inclined not to reply to this post as I am at fault and am prepared to take some flak and abuse over the issue. But there are certain comments which call my integrity into question,which can't go unanswered.

So the full story is this. I bought this Syncro from a guy in PE who I've known for many years and who had owned the Syncro since almost new. He could not find the papers at the time but that was not an issue for me. He would either find them or we would get duplicates. I use a guy for all my vehicle paperwork who does this professionally, and he has done this for me numerous times before, and usually in a matter of days.

Then I decided not to keep the Syncro and Stuart bought it. He did not take delivery however and it spent most of the year down here with Frans having an engine conversion done. I asked Frans to keep me informed of the progress so I could arrange to get the papers done before he drove it up to Stuart. So, to be clear, although this transaction has dragged on for almost a year, for most of that time the Syncro has been down here, and not having the papers was not in any way an inconvenience or a cost to Stuart.

At this point I have to take responsibility for not prioritising this, but my previous experience was that it would be a simple matter and take only a few days. This time however it was not to be. The guy I used seemed to be having issues and after a couple of missed deadlines and promises he came back to me and said he needed an affidavit. This is when things got complicated as the previous owner was now undergoing cancer treatment in the States. As you can imagine, getting an affidavit was a long and complicated affair but it was eventually obtained. Another application was then lodged but was rejected. The reason being that, even though the vehicle had been paid off many years previously, the transfer had never been done and the vehicle was still in Wesbank's name. Wesbank now had to get involved and promised to try and get the papers within the week. This was the week before Christmas and, unsurprisingly, did not happen. Today is the first day back at work for the person we are working with at Wesbank so I am expecting to have the papers from her shortly. I will post back here when I do.

So, although I understand Stuart's frustration, and he has every right to feel aggrieved, the way he has stated things here is misleading to say the least. I particularly take exception to him calling my integrity into question, and also making aspersions that the vehicle was not as described. As well as getting the vehicle for a bargain price, I supplied Stuart with detailed photographs of every area of rust and issues of which I was aware. The vehicle had just had a full engine rebuild by a professional workshop in Knysna, at considerable cost, and I supplied a copy of the invoice. When Frans later opened up the motor he found that the new oil pump that had been used was the incorrect part. So Stuart raises this point to make it seem like I'm liable for something that I am not, and then says he won't go into it, because obviously doing so would undermine his argument. Just another half truth to attempt to bolster his case.

I will reply here once this matter is finalised but I am unlikely to reply to any of Stuart's further posts on this topic; as he no doubt will. If anybody would like further details you are welcome to contact me.
Thanks for Your reply Ian,

i appreciate that you are replying, as since dec 21 you have not given me any update as to the progress of the paper work,

as for the engine, not only was the oil pump incorrect but it also blew a head gasket within 300km of it being delivered, i have not asked you for any reimbursement on the repairs,

I am just frustrated as to the time involved with getting the papers and the lack of communnication,

and the fact that the licence has now expired and i cannot renew it as i dont have the correct documents, and it needs to de done in PE.

the price i paid for the bus had nothing at all to do with the matter, it was a price you offered it to me at.

if you are unhappy with the deal, please refund me the purchase price, plus the repairs and the delivery costs and you are more than welcome to come and collect the syncro.

syncro was delivered to me on the 21st of August 2017, so that is more than 4 months to make the papers a priority. besides the fact you should have done it when i bought the bus over a year ago.

it is sad that it takes going to a forum to get this sorted out, but i all fairness i was patient for a long time.

hopefully it will get sorted out one way or another and very soon.

I understand your frustration and I am doing everything in my power, (and have been the last few months) to get this sorted.
thank you,
Hi Gents

Just for interest.... has this issue been resolved yet ?
(01-23-2018 08:25 PM)Picasso Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Gents

Just for interest.... has this issue been resolved yet ?

Hi Henning,

not yet, but it seems like it will be soon, well we hope so anyway,


Ian at this stage, imho, the honorable thing would be to give me my money back and come and collect the syncro, that now at least is mechanically better than when you sold it to me.

i cannot do this any more. 18 months is too long, even 2 months is too long.

you are not being fair to me at all.

Another week, and still nothing,

the part that pisses me off the most here is i used our home loan to purchase this syncro as a fix and resell, by the time i can recoup my money i would have zero profit left as the profit is being eaten up with the interest i am paying on the loan,

Ian, time is up, time to refund me for the syncro and the mechanical repairs we had to do to get the vehicle in s state to drive from PE/ Uitenhage to pretoria, then come a collect it, i cannot keep taking the loss on it, really not fair at all.

I am tired of the ever changing BS stories i am getting, step up and give me my money back, thanks

Still nothing, i am so pissed off at the moment, i don't want the syncro anymore as it is just a fat lie from day one, nothing materializes on promises.

no feed back, no communication, total waste of money, i want my money back, this has now gone too far,
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