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Full Version: guten tag from PMB/Durban
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Hi all,

We are a South African / German duo who bought Derek’s 1992 Syncro. Based in Pietermaritzburg, we were looking for a project to gain experience and build something up our own, which we can then use to travel around once my visa in SA expires – in 1+ years.

To date neither of us is a Syncro mechanic but we are determined to learn and invest time to get us up to speed. I think we have found a good foundation to do so in the vehicle we got – although it needs still some work on the mechanics, wiring and, and, and. But again, we are here to learn and everything needs a start. So please excuse if we may ask silly questions...

Excited to get started, I am sure we can make good use of the page!


Qin and Robert

Have no fear - now that you own a syncro, you will very shortly become a syncro mechanic through necessity! I have only owned my syncro for 2 years and have been forced to learn a whole bunch about almost everything on the van (including how to replace the engine!). Fortunately there is great info out there- on this forum, on TheSamba, and on YouTube.

Happy tinkering!

oh wow, that sounds encouraging!

Thank you very much!
where are you guys based in south africa

(01-31-2018 07:31 PM)zoodog Wrote: [ -> ]where are you guys based in south africa

Sorry silly question didnt read properly im in mb fairly often we will help where we can
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