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Full Version: Mean while else where in the world.
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Thanks for sharing the photos of your Syncro build Ant, I am really impressed! I can see you have added a lot strength to the high top and made ingenious use of the available space.

Hopefully I’ll see you around the 18th May. Did you rent from Strathpeffer VW Campervans? I hired their Orange Stripe camper in 2013 and had a great experience; clean, reliable van and a friendly family owned company to deal with. Looks like the Orange Stripe is not listed anymore Sad hope it is still around!

Here is a photo of it on Faichemard Farm Campsite, Invergary

And here it is on the Ferry from Rothsay, Isle of Bute.

Hi Neil

Thanks for the pics. Looking forward to meeting you. We have hired the green striped van from Strathpeffer, so we are pleased to hear that you were happy with them.

That is coming along nicely there Ant. Here are a few more of mine.

And again in Morocco.
Hi Russel

Your van is looking really nice!

I like your air intake on the side of the van, does it help with keeping the dust out of the air filter? Any idea where I can get one, bearing in mind that I will be in the UK in May.

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