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Full Version: Selling my Syncro
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With a very heavy heart I am putting my beloved Syncro up for sale. With my family's growing needs and our diminishing budget we have hardly used the Syncro over the last two years, or been able to maintain it the way I used to. Some rust has begun to appear and if it isn't dealt with soon it's going to become a problem. I don't see anything changing in our budget situation in the foreseeable future so it seems pointless hanging onto it and watching it degrade.

The pics I've posted here are from two years ago and beyond. If anybody is interested, drop me a mail and I will send you detailed pics of all rust issues, as well as a list of things that need sorting.

Spec wise, it has everything you could want, as well as the best engine I have ever experienced in a Syncro.

15 inch rims with 245/70x15 tyres
2.6 big brakes
New shocks all round. Custom made, height adjustable, heavy duty gas shocks in front
46 litre auxiliary fuel tank
58 litre stainless water tank with tap on rear bumper
Rear ladder
Full length, aluminium, Front Runner roof rack
3m Howling Moon awning
Dual Battery system. (New main battery. Aux battery needs replacing.)
New headlights and grill
2.5l 24 valve Mazda MX6 V6 engine. 125kw. 220NM

I'm wanting R70 000.
Hi Ian, Is your bus still available?
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