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Full Version: 2019, SDP decouplers
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Hi Guys

i want to make a new batch of SDP type decouplers,
i need to make 10 at a time to make it economically viable but i really cant afford to have that sort of money standing around,

they will cost R 12 500 with all bits for fitment including vacuum unit, pipes, switch, new bearing and seal etc, on exchange of your old nose cone section, i need the old nose cone,

we can also fit for R2500, postage will be R250 in SA,

Similar kits cost in Euro 880 plus core exchange and postage, or $850 plus core exchange and postage,

i will buy 4 for stock so need to sell 6 units to make the order viable,

50% deposit payment will be due with confirmation and order, i will start a WA group for prgress for the buyers,

The SDP type decouplers are really strong i had one in the "thingcro" and never damaged it in 8 years plus of serious off roading and competitions, also have them on both my camper syncros.

i have 5 interested parties, so far, so only need 1 more confirmed to go ahead, i want to start the manufacturing on wed,

Please email me on, or whatts app me on 083 629 9951 or add you name to the list below:
1-4) syncrohospital
5) Marco S
6) Allan M
7)Lionel H
8) Kresen
9) AJ Joubert

Thanks stuart
083 629 9951
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