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1) axeman, blue rhd doka volvo b230a engine
2) pach, VW Syncro 1.9 TDI AFN (110h.p.) 1991.
3) sherperdsond, high top syncro Subaru 2.2 phase II,
4) silverbullet,1985/6 Caravelle C syncro, twin slider, UK spec with twin locks
5) alika, Alex, Syncro 1986 Subaru engine 2.2L non turbo
6) taigagreen, lots of syncro's great stuff.
7) Bus1988, 1988 SYNCRO 14" High roof pop-top camper,1.9 AFN MTdi,
8) David Halley 87 Syncro High Top
9) Namibia,Derek v d Merwe 92 Syncro SAC conversion
10) Trailbreaker, Daan,1991,1600TD (just starting M-TDI conversion ) 16inch.
here you go then,
1990 rhd uk spec assembled in japan doka i am the 3rd owner from new.
mods so far
volvo b230a engine (soon to become a b230ft 182bhp turbo)
seikle springs and ome shocks
multivan captains seats and rock and roll bench seat
vdo oil temp/preshure and volt gauges
15inch mefro wheels with 215/75/mt and mercedes 16inch ml alloys road tyres
vidic canopy
rear disk break conversion
and a load or other stuff that i cant remember right now

[Image: slabcommon004.jpg]

Nice doka axeman, Sure looks like a mean mother and I bet it has the performance to match.

Frans BosBus
VW Syncro 1.9 TDI AFN (110h.p.) 1991.
Front & rear diff lock, Decupler, Trial Master suspension, 235/70/16 Insa Turbo tires, Azev wheels, Multivan salon with rock'n'roll bed.LT mirors, Hella Projekt Zwo lights.Now custom bumpers and winch with radio control.

1987 Syncro hardtop converted to camper with a North American Hightop and Westfalia interior this year (not yet finished). Subaru 2.2 phase II, front and rear difflock, solid shaft and decoupler, 16" Mercedes wheels.
1985/6 Caravelle C twin slider, UK spec with twin locks.
Originally a 12-seater minibus owned by a nursing home, currently 3 seats.
VW Sharan/Lucas 38 rear disc conversion by Holman Engineering (our family business) as featured on Axeman's DOKA.
15" Merc steels with Grabber 215/75's (a bit over geared on 4.86 diffs!) with 30mm bolt-on spacers, also by me.
Modified engine and gearbox protection, but otherwise it's box standard.
Carbed 1.9 DG just getting a halfway rebuild to get us through the winter, then maybe an ADY next year as it's just too thirsty and slow on the road...

I've a pic somewhere, but it's dark blue :mrgreen:
Some of my T3s.

87 Transporter syncro JX. My first T3
[Image: l_3fcd9115251e316da62bad5650338c30.jpg]

90 Caravelle C syncro JX. Found on a farm, now has trailmaster suspension and TDK.

[Image: l_37a8f9e4b0de78e18b4d3ffe8c94bf43.jpg]

87 Caravelle GL syncro DJ.
Nicest car ever. Pristine! Sold it though...

[Image: l_f3a527cf5f86226fe8fe7f7b8892e649.jpg]

88 Transporter syncro doka.Converted from 1.9wbx to 1.9TDi.

[Image: l_7d5f0a9dcadc48e3821b8c3e497d8b5d.jpg]

87 Tristar syncro. Found in a field, battered by children. Now sold on and restoration soon finished.

[Image: l_38f1da5a5926997fd1175d202c64ffdd.jpg]

91 Transporter syncro sika JX. Converted from 1.6td to 1.9 TDK, decoupler, double difflocks, power steering. Why did I sell it...?

[Image: l_0cbd6b049c184838b11ddffce2d2b157.jpg]

91 Transporter syncro doka DJ. Nice doka. Now sold and has just returned from Poland with a lovely new leather interior and new paintjob.

[Image: l_c78379a93ae44d8e93ec75cc277827b3.jpg]

88 Westfalia Club Joker syncro JX. This I am keeping. TDK, Andreas Lidl springs, powerflex bushings, lots of extra specials. Currently w/o difflocks but will be three knobs soon.

[Image: l_5d5812cccda34c6ca1e8d34d488e9089.jpg]

92 Caravelle C syncro DJ. My last purchase, so far. Lifted and waiting for a Subaru transplant. Or a diesel transporter?

[Image: l_75d2214e35fd4e76a0cba44fd0607374.jpg]
Hi Taigagreen!

man,you've own every syncro out there :shock:

Nice to see you around here also :-)
[Image: 33.JPG]

1988 SYNCRO 14'
High roof pop-top camper, full width rock-n-roll bed, air-conditioning, power steering, 2 diff locks, decoupler, solid shaft, 0,70 reinforced 4th, 1,18 reinforced 3rd, heavy duty 3-4 slider hub, 1.9 AFN MTdi, intercooler, 16' Mefros, 205/80/16 MT
How do you guys get to own so many vehicles, let alone Syncro's? Envious as hell!
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