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Full Version: Audi 5 cyl 10V Cylinder Head
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Hi All, if anyone has a good condition cylinder head for 2.3 or 2.6 or compatible available please let me know. My bus's cylinder head has been skimmed too many times and causing piston breakage due to detonation.

Hi Adrian,

i do have a fully reconned head,

Hi Adrian,
i have a flly reconned head, new valves, seats and guides, all done right for a 5 cyl motor, 083 629 9951
Hi Stuart. I notice you are not getting a reply from Adrian. What would you sell the head for?


Hi Godfrey, send me a message, om 0836299951
Hi Stuart, apologies for not replying, I got so involved in searching, due to urgency, I missed this one completely. I did come right though.
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