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Full Version: 21 Day shut down
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South Africa is lock down for 3 weeks from this friday until 17 April, for the covid 19 scare. Every one needs to stay at home.

So unfortunately Syncro Hospital will be closed for this period. I will be available on my mobile phone +2783 629 9951, for any advice that i can help with.

Hope this all works out for us all. Thanks[Image: cc6d49b05aac5d9cc178811052331169.jpg]

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Hi all..
Covid19 lock down in South Africa has been extended till the end of April, Syncro Hospital will be closed until May4 for now.
I am available on 083 629 9951 /+2783 629 9951 for advice and help until we reopen.
I also have a syncro tech whatts app group for tech help. Sebd me a WA on 083 629 9951 to join.
Thanks Stuart.[Image: c3a898aaf59f7cd82689c5dd6b109b27.jpg]

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