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Full Version: Vanagon 2WD - Driving through Africa! Cape Town to Casablanca
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Hey guys hope you are all staying safe!

Me and my German fiancee are planning on moving to Europe! We came up with the idea to drive our bus through Africa all the way up (I have always dreamed of doing Cape to Cairo)

I stumbled across a Left Hand Drive bus that had been imported from Germany back in 1997, which will make registering the bus in Europe SO much easier. It's got really really good bones.

Now, as you can see in the title this bus is NOT a Syncro unfortunately.. But I've tackled some heavy terrain with the 2WD here and its been great! Its got loads of ground clearance (More than my friends Syncro) and the only issue is the Diff when a wheel loses traction.

I'm currently busy building myself a Spare Wheel Carrier, Roof Rack, 40l Water Tank, 40l Fuel Tank and Cupboards for the interior and I will be going through all my drive-train and suspension components when I'm finished and maybe rebuild the Top-End of the motor to make sure the head gaskets are good for the way up..

My issue is Off-Roading Capabilities and how to improve on them. A local mechanic who specializes in these busses says he built a Locking Mechanism into his Diff and that it works great - I believe he machines a hole in my case and installs a syncro diff - This costs R7500.

I have also been thinking of a Peloquin Limited Slip Diff - Which can also take the Locker. But this is very pricey.

Anyone have vans with just a locker? How do they do in proper offroad conditions? (Not just gravelroads) And any other recommendations for Improving offroad traction or any other tips for the way??

I've got some good tires on the Bus right now and wouldn't really go any wider on them as that will decrease fuel efficiency on the whole trip. Ill post a Pic of the old girl for you guys

Acc to google you only need ca. 11 days Big Grin
Have a nice trip and take care.
Best regards from Germany
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