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Full Version: Rear Disc Brakes
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Deanace wrote:
i really want to put rear discs on my syncro's
how do i do it


As I mentioned in the other thread, there are now commercial alternatives to what you have in mind. It has been the consensus from the much larger worldwide Syncro forum that rear discs are not as
effective as drum brakes for holding a heavy Syncro on a steep grade.

I installed rear discs on my 2wd Vanagon (US name for Caravelle) for different reasons. I want ease of maintenance (pad changes easier for me than shoe changes) and straight line stopping power. Please don't ask for pics. The project was more than 10-11 years ago.

Here's what I did:

Machine rear hubs to fit inside 'hat' section of disc of your choice. Locate proper caliper with built in parking brake lever. Mist VAG 4-wheel disc products have this feature. Fabricate caliper mounts. Then adapt parking brake cables. Also installed a brake pressure regulator which helps preserve front to rear brake biased as intended by VW engineers. Installation of larger front brakes often negate the necessity of an adjustable regulator.

These days, company's sell kits to install Porsche & VAG (VW Audi Group) brakes. I prefer the self-assembled system from readily available local sources. Burley sells caliper mounts which makes that job easier. His mounts require calipers from a late 80's to late 90's Audi V8 sedan.

I hope this helps your quest a little.


I also fitted disc's to the rear of the "swimcro", braking was great but hand brake was completely useless, i used Audi 500 turbo calipers and Sharan disc's with a modified hub and caliper holder, cost a fortune more than 10 years ago, not really worth it, IMHO

If it was 245x10 discs non vented,yes,not worth it.

The kit described by BenT using Burley brackets is using A200 269x20mm rotors,vented.The V8 rotors won't fit,I'm working on it,but I regret having bought those expensive drilled rotors....I gotta make it work now.

Any caliper from Passat,A200,Audi V8 etc...using 269X20 vented rotors will work,slight machining of the carrier is to be expected anyway depending on the model.

just done a little write up on the other thread

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